Traditional Circumcision!

Hey peeps! Today I want us to talk about traditional circumcision! How and where it’s been done, advantages and disadvantages of it.

Teko wants to go and perform the initiation but Fati is against it on D-Siders. She even mentions that people die from being the mountains.

In the early days when this tradition was performed by traditional surgeons who have been trained by local traditional doctors, it was meant to teach every male villager how to be a real man by taking them to the mountain or bushes and spend time with chosen male elders of the village. But, in this century we learn that circumcision also decreases the chances of HIV infection for men. And, it would be safer if done in hospital because the number of boys that died during the traditional period has increased.

Now we want to hear from you D-Fan, what do you think of this tradition? Is it good or bad!