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No Strings Attached

Bonani got into a fight with Naledi about their living arrangements...

Naledi was at a spiritual leader’s conference in Breyton's Bay North. A meeting had been called up to curb the mounting tensions between the various religious groups- Buddhists, Hindus, Muslims and Christians were in attendance. Representatives spoke in defense of their customs.

Tensions had mounted between the groups, causing a serious rift in Breyton’s Bay.

Naledi sat outside the hall, chatting with Bonani over the phone. Their relationship had become a sparring session - throwing blows at each other every chance they got.

"What d'you mean you don't trust me, Naledi?" Bonani sat on a sofa in front of his TV.

Spox sat on the other side of the room, trying to concentrate on a DVD she'd pirated - Ted 2.

Normally Bonani would've taken the call outside or in his bedroom, but the heater was in the TV lounge. He wasn't trying to freeze to death.

"I don't. It feels like you're hiding something from me," Spox replied, a bit anxious. She didn't want to miss the religious proceedings inside. Plus, she had a speech to make.

"What am I hiding, huh?"

"I don't know. You're distant, you don't wanna move in with me, you have all sorts of lame excuses. You're a different person, Bonani. That's why I reckon you're hiding something from me."

"All this name calling, just because I asked you to give me a bit of time before I move to your place ... real mature."

Naledi scratched her head in frustration. She had braids - it’d be an easy fix. "Bonani, I don't know what we're doing here, honestly dude."

"What d'you mean?"

There was silence between them. They both froze, taking in the quiet, patiently.

"All we do is fight," Naledi explained. "Is this a relationship?"

Another young Pastor came and sat beside Naledi, a few metres away. He seemed to be stressing out, on the phone too. Naledi found him handsome.

"So this isn't a relationship now?" Asked Bonani. "What are you saying, actually?

Spox switched her focus to Bonani's heated chat - her eyes forward on the tele, but her ears on Bonani.

"I'm not happy, Bonani. And I doubt that you are either. So ..."

Bonani sat up now, growing edgy. "What are you saying, Naledi?"

Naledi shut her eyes tight. She couldn't say the words. They wouldn't come out, even though they sat at the tip of her tongue. "Are you happy with us, Bonani? Be honest. Just be honest. Have you thought of being with someone else?"

"No I have not! Have you?"

"This is about you, dude, not me."

"What the hell? Are you cheating, Naledi?" Bonani barked in an army general’s tone, demanding to be answered.

"No man, off course not. I asked you because you obviously don't wanna commit to me ... to us."

"You know what, fine. I'll move in with you, okay. You win. I'll move in this weekend, hooray! You win!"

"Oh no you're not. Not with that attitude."

"What?" Bonani was dumbfounded now.  

"Now it's like you're doing me a favour. I want you to want to move in with me ..."

The pastor seated beside Naledi waved at her, getting her attention. "Islam is done. We're next," he whispered politely. “I think we should go inside.”

Naledi nodded at him. "Bonani I gotta go back inside. I’m speaking. We'll chat about this when I'm done, okay?"

"Whatever," he replied, cutting the line.

Naledi stood, getting ready to walk in with the cute young pastor. "Hi there, my name is Naledi, from Kingdom Heirs Assembly church," she greeted with a warm smile.

"Hello Sister Naledi, I'm Jayden from Lakewood Faith Parish. Pleased to meet you.”

"Hi Brother Jayden."

"I think we need to sneak back in, quietly. I actually have a little speech to make," Jayden confessed, chuckling.

"Me too, Naledi concurred. "This is so blind. The whole room will turn to us."

They paused, pondering.

Meanwhile back at Bonani's hous

Bonani sat on his couch, fuming. Is Naledi breaking up with me? Really?

Spox walked in from the kitchen, she'd grabbed herself a bottle of Brutal Fruit cider from the fridge. "I know you don't drink, dude, but can I get you a ..."

He didn't even wait for her to finish, "Yes, bring it here. But not beer."

She handed him hers, and went to fetch herself another.

Bonani sipped up. Was it the end of the road for him and Naledi, just because he wouldn’t move in with her? Honestly?

Spox returned to her couch. "You gonna be okay? Your conversation sounded pretty hectic."

Bonani was deep in thought. He didn't know what to make of it.

"Okay cool," Spox continued. "I'll let you do you. But if you wanna chat, I'm here."

"Okay tell me this - if Naledi wants to spend the night here, she can just come here, right. If I wanna sleep over at her place, I can just go there. It's that simple. Why all the pressure of moving in together?"

Spox sat up, turning to a troubled Bonani. "Girls have more emotional attachments and sentiments. Maybe she wants to play house. Maybe she's gearing up to marry you."

"MARRIAGE? Wait, hold up now. Slow your role." He gulped down another sip.

"You see, that's exactly the problem. Girls want the house and children scenario. Guys are more about messing around … taking it easy... having fun."

"You think she wants that level of commitment? Is that what this is about, a test of some sort?"

"I think so. Maybe."

Another silent moment.

"So I gather you aren't ready for marriage and stuff yet?" Asked Spox, taking a sip from her beverage.

"Oh hell no," Bonani responded fiercely. "It couldn't be further from my mind. I like ... I love Naledi and all, but I wanna sort my life out first, know what I mean? Marriage is huge, dude."

"I know what you mean, but maybe she doesn't."

Bonani grabbed his phone and walked over to sit next to Spox. "I wanna show you something." He sat right beside her, scrolling through his phone.

"What is it?"

He handed her the phone. "Read this sms she sent me, a couple of weeks ago."

Spox placed her drink aside and read out loud: “I luv u, Bonani. U're kind, thoughtful, lovin and patient. Thank u for making me the happiest gal eva. Thanks for being patient with me. It's rare 2 find a guy that's cool with taking things slowly. I luv u for dat. Mmcwaahh.”

She gave him his phone back.

"She says she loves me for taking things slow. Now she wants the complete opposite. She wants us to RUSH into playing house, and turn our thing into something serious. So which is it? She's contradicting herself. I've respected her church values and waited, patiently. Now all of a ..."

"Wait, hold up. You mean you and her haven't ..."

Bonani dropped his head, embarrassed a tad.

Spox chuckled. "I don't mean to laugh. It's just weird nowadays, dude. You haven’t … been with her?"

He sipped up again, still uncomfortable. "So you see - I've sacrificed for her, big time. But she can't give me a couple of weeks to make my mind up about moving in together."

"You're a good guy, Bonani. There aren't many like you."

"Yeah, the good guy that isn't getting any - awesome! Really freakin cool." He sat back, gulping the last of his cider, starring up at the ceiling. "They say ‘good guys finish last’. I think I get that now."

"They don't have to," Spox assured, in a soft seductive voice. She shifted even closer to him, turning his chin towards her. "Good guys don't have to finish last."

She kissed him gently on the mouth.

He froze, at a loss for words. It felt wrong and right, all at the same time. He just stared at her, bewildered.

"Kiss me, Bonani," she pressed on, climbing on his lap.

They locked lips.

Bonani kissed her passionately and violently. Her young plump lips tasted delicious.

Spox pushed him back and took her pyjama top off, exposing her lace transparent bra.

"Wait, stop, hold on Spox," Bonani halted, gently removing her off him. "This isn't right. I’m sorry." He stood up.

"Okay cool, whatever. I thought you wanted to blow off a little steam. You look stressed. Naledi's practically breaking up with you, isn’t she? Dude, I won't tell if you won't, and there aren’t any strings attached. It’s not like I wanna date you. You’re old."

Bonani pondered, deeply. What an attractive offer!

He stared at her gorgeous curves, in two minds.

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