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Just her Mattress

Bonani asked Spox to pack her bags...

“I’ve gotten rid of her, okay? It doesn’t matter where she is now. You asked me to do something – I did it.”

It was late in the evening. Bonani drove back home, heavy hearted.

He and Naledi were at it again, beefing over the phone.

A relaxed Naledi sat on her couch at home, in front of the heater. “Well, I don’t want her coming back, with some sob story, like she always does.”

“She won’t. But I need you to know - I won’t be bullied like that again, in future. I’m serious. Who I keep in my home is my business.”

“It’s sad how you could see rescuing our relationship, as bullying. I did it for us.”

“Siphokazi doesn’t have anyone to go to, and I turned my back on her. I feel like terrible, and it’s your fault.”

“Oh please, take some responsibility for a change. How do you think it looked to everyone that you were staying with that girl? She’s a known tramp – excuse my French. You did the right thing.”

“I don’t know ...”

“You don’t know what?”

“I don’t know if I did the right thing. What if she’s stranded somewhere with her baby? What if she didn’t go home to her sister?”

“It’s no longer your problem, is it? It shouldn’t have been in the first place.”

Bonani was approaching his township now, at an off-ramp. “You are still born-again, right? Your bible still tells you to help people?”

“Yes. But I won’t be guilt tripped because of my religion, bhuti. Spox had to go. She was trouble, she still has family, and you didn’t need her around. And she was getting too cheeky – the little bugger.”

“If you say so …”

Naledi’s tone changed. She softened up, in romantic mode now. “Anyways, I’m glad we’re back together, babes. I missed you.”

“I missed you too. But to be honest, sometimes I didn’t know who you were, at times. I’m happy we can chat like this, without biting each other’s heads off.”

“I’m sorry. I probably let Spox get under my skin a bit more than I should’ve. That’s over and done with now. Why don’t you come over?    

“Right now?”

“Yeah. I’ve got lamb curry. Come try it out.”

“Okay cool. I’m already here at home. Let me freshen up a bit, switch the lights on, and then come over there. I’m so tired though … you don’t want me to come tomorrow rather?”

“Today, babe. Pleeease. I wanna kiss you.”  

He chuckled softly. "Okay, give me thirty minutes or so."

He parked his car outside his place.

He genuinely felt exhausted.

He actually wanted to throw himself on his bed, and crash. But he also needed to be with Naledi, and make up. Sleep would have to wait.

He stepped out of the bakkie and towards his front door.

It was freezing, windy too.

I'm sure Spox is safe, with her sister. I hope she hasn't gone back to her stupid friends in Kwa5.

He stuck his key in the keyhole, unlocking.

He walked in, and switched the lights on.

Bonani froze. He stood still as a statue, with his mouth wide open.

"OH MY LORD!!" He let out, looking around.

He couldn't believe his eyes. He grew scared suddenly.

This isn’t happening, he prayed.

His place was completely bare. There was nothing there - no couches, no TV, no carpets. Nothing!

Bonani trembled as he walked back outside, checking if he'd walked inside the right house. He checked his house number and lawn. "Of course it's my house, I have a key," he reasoned, confused and angry. "What the hell is going on?"

He walked back in.

His entire TV lounge was empty. He opened his bedroom door - same thing. Nothing!

Bonani fell on the ground and screamed. "SIPHOKAZI!!"

He shut his eyes tight.

Spox robbed me, oh my Lord! His eyes turned glassy.

He ran over to Spox's bedroom. Nothing but a mattress was left. Strange! He thought, checking the kitchen.

His temper was getting the best of him now, as he started to really panic.

There was nothing in the kitchen or bathroom either.

Spox had left only a mattress, in her own bed. What was she trying to say?

Bonani walked outside again. Perhaps a neighbour might know what's going on.

It was cold and breezy. Most people's lights were turned off, and besides, they were the same people that spread rumours that he's sleeping with Spox. It made him reluctant to approach them.

A terrified Bonani stood outside, dialling Spox's number now.



Instinctively, he dialled Cebisa's number. He didn't even know why.

It rang.

It rang.

"Hello Bonani," a drowsy voice answered.

"Cebz, I've been robbed. They took everything."

"What?" She asked, sitting up now. Peter slept beside her.

"I think Spox looted everything in my house. TV, beds, furniture - all gone."

"Oh no. Have you called the police?"

"Oh yah," he remembered. Everything spun dizzily still. "Okay, I'll call you, bye." He dropped the call.

He quickly locked up again, and got into his car.

He drove off, trying to figure out if he should go to the police station, or Spox's sister's house.

He didn't know if he was coming or going, at that point.

He dialled Spox again, as he drove off.

Still voicemail. “Siphokazi, if you’re responsible for this. There’s gonna be big shit. You’ll see a really kak side of me. That’s a promise.” He cut the call.

What's going on? What's going on? He kept thinking, scared, driving to Spox's sister's home. He tried to remember her name. He couldn't.

He dialled Naledi, now.

It rang.

"Hello, babes, are you at the gate already?"

"Babes, I've been robbed. They took everything. Everything, even my cutlery. It’s insane."


"Yah. I've been cleaned out."

Cebisa called Bonani on the other line, but he ignored it.

"It's that tramp, Siphokazi. I'm sure of it. Call her, babes." Naledi advised, sounding more like a command.

"I tried. Her phone is off. I'm driving to her sister's place right now. I'm not far off."

"Good. Do you want me to come there? Give me directions."

"No, stay put for now. Let me handle it, babes. We'll chat soon, okay."

"Go to the police as well. Were your things insured?"

"No," Bonani responded, shaking his head angrily. "No they aren't insured, damnit! Okay bye, Naledi."

"Bye baby. I'll call you just now, to check up. I’m so sorry."


Bonani approached Spox's sister house. He parked and got out.

He had visions in his head of Spox laughing at him, and celebrating. It annoyed him, intensely.

Spox’s sister’s bedroom light was still on, Bonani observed, jumping over the gate.

He knocked on the bedroom window. "PLEASE OPEN, IT'S BONANI. HELLO!"

He heard mumbling and shuffling from inside.

Maybe they're all together, he thought, about to knock again.

Zanele, Spox's sister, pulled her curtain open, to see. She had pyjamas on, with a doek on her head. She pointed to the front door.

Bonani walked over to the front door, and waited. He was ready for war.

She opened up. “Hello, Bonani.”

“Hello,” he greeted, looking over her shoulder, inside the house.

“What do you want here, at this time?” She rubbed her shoulders, cold.

“I want to speak to Siphokazi, now.”

“Siphokazi? I haven’t seen her in months. You know this. We spoke about it.”

Bonani stared at her suspiciously. “You haven’t seen her?”

“No I haven’t.”

“Who are you with, inside? Can I please see?”

“What’s going on with you? What did Siphokazi do?”

“Zanele,” he remembered. “Can I please see who you’re with, inside?”

She turned back and yelled. “MADODA!”

They waited a sec.

Bonani still had his attention inside the house.

A man’s voice replied, also showing his face. “What’s going on, babes?”   

“This is my boyfriend, Madoda,” Zanele clarified. “Baby, this is Bonani. Siphokazi lives with him. He’s Thabo’s older brother.”

“Hi, what’s going on?” Madoda greeted.

“Spox lived with me – not anymore.” Bonani explained, looking sour.

Zanele caught on to his displeasure. “What? What’s going on, Bonani?”

“I think Spox looted my house. Everything is gone. She took EVERYTHING. Left just her mattress,” Bonani explained, fuming. It made him upset just saying it.

“You’re joking,” Zanele uttered.

“I can still remember a place that she stayed at, Kwa 5,” Bonani said. “It’s a dingy area, with shacks around the river.”

“That’s our cousin’s place. Bonani, you don’t want to take a chance and go there at this hour,” she cautioned. “Even cops are scared to go there at night.”

“I have to do something, Zanele. I need my stuff. I’m going. What if they’re selling my things, or destroying them, or even getting rid of them? I have to do something, now!”

Zanele shook her head as she watched Bonani run off, back to his car.

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